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HarmonEye 1.4 for Mac OS X

Download the installation package and install HarmonEye, it is FREE!

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How to install?

  1. Download the installation package via the link above.
  2. Make sure you have Java installed.
  3. Allow installing of unsigned applications outside AppStore.
  4. Open the downloaded .dmg file.
  5. Move the application to the /Applications folder if you wish.
  6. Run the HarmonEye application, eg. via Spotlight.
  7. Enjoy!


Currently, HarmonEye is available Mac OS X and Android. Other platforms are planned. The development takes some time, but you can support it.


Do you have any problem? If you didn't find an answer on the website or especially in the FAQ, feel free to ask via the email support.


Changelog and older releases

FAQ - Frequently asked questions

How to capture sound going to headphones/speakers?

What HarmonEye listens to is the default sound device set in the system Preferences -> Sound -> Input. On a standard Mac it is the microphone or the line input.

In case you have an external sound card it could be some of its inputs.

But. The fun begins when you can use any audio input including YouTube music videos, iTunes, GarageBand or anything else.

In order words when you route the default system output to the default system input. Mac OS X itself cannot do this, but with a some help it is possible.

What we need is the Soundflower application. It consists of a driver that extends the OS kernel and a GUI application to configure how the sound devices should be routed.

It is freely available from the creators of the famous Max audio application. Soundflower works nicely on Mountain Lion and some older Mac OS X versions.

Download Soundflower (free)

Installing Soundflower is quite easy. You can just follow a very straightforward video tutorial.

Why the application is not yet signed or on App Store?

You don't need to be worried. HarmonEye doesn't contain anything bad inside. In fact, it has been certified by SoftPedia as clean from any malware. I'm just not planning to make a Developer Account for desktop applications.